Growing Unions

At The Local Level

We don't believe in 'impossible'.

Local Lift Off was  originally started in 2018 as a web development and digital production (Photo/Video) business with a close friend (Spartan Media Group). 

My name is Jonathan Pranzetti or ‘Jon’ for short. Local Lift Off is the product of 17 years of intrigue and interest in technology. After I finishing my apprenticeship at the Pacific Northwest Carpenters Institute I was a foreman for a short while and realized now’s my chance to follow the dream. So, I gave my superintendent a heads up, finished my jobsites, and hit the books. With all this extra time I was able to fail more times. Through failing I found a successes. I want to share that success with Unions across the country and help them grow like never before. I truly believe with a team behind this vision, we can change the future.


Jonathan Pranzetti

Founder / Creative Director

United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners Of America
@ Local 146

Michael Bridges

Senior Editor

United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners Of America
1980 - 2008
@ Local 1503
@ LOCAL 1750

1998-2004 Trustee | Recording Secretary