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Training and development of custom applications for Android and IOS platforms

Mobile app developer - who is it?

   Mobile developers are the people who breathe life into soulless mobile boxes, some kind of shaman spellcasters who speak a foreign language and can do almost anything, and sometimes they really can. But they are also the people who drive progress forward, creating ever more perfect and sophisticated programs. A good programmer is not only a knowledge of languages and technologies, it is also a skill of system thinking, because you have to create complex systems from nothing, it is also the ability to work in a team, because it is difficult to write a serious project alone, it is also the ability to communicate and understand the customer to create exactly the product he wants.

   A mobile application developer, aka Mobile Developer and Mobile Programmer, is a programmer who develops software applications for all kinds of mobile devices, most often for smartphones and tablets. It is with the advent of voice and gesture-based interfaces on mobile devices that the profession of mobile developer is now rightfully considered the most fashionable and in-demand.

   All mobile developers can be divided into two categories depending on the software for which they create programs - iOS developers and Android developers. Specialists from the first category are considered to be the most profitable on the labor market, moreover, after the appearance of Swift and Objective-C languages it has become very easy and convenient to create applications for Apple. Programmers who create applications for Android use in their work the language Java, which is considered the most reliable for the development of mobile applications for this operating system.

What are the main tasks of a mobile app developer: 

: Creation of TOR (terms of reference) for the development of a mobile application;
: discussion with the customer about the stages and progress of the project;
: building an application architecture;
: direct programming;
: working with designers;
: mobile app support;
: Working with testers to debug and test applications;
: help in creating instructions on how to use the finished application;
: documentation;
: placement of applications in the AppStore and Google Play Market, Amazon Appstore, Opera Mobile Store and other mobile app stores.

Mobile app development - what is it?

   The concept of mobile application development for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices includes writing program code in order to create programs that will work on certain mobile platforms (today there are 2 main platforms of mobile operating systems - Android and iOS, and less popular Windows Phone and Symbian). These programs and applications can be pre-installed on cell phones, personal digital assistants, corporate digital assistants, smartphones and other mobile devices before the device gets into the hands of the user, or can be loaded into the device by the user directly during use.

The user interface of mobile applications plays a very important role in the process of creating an application, because the interface is the link between the hardware and software of the mobile device and the focus of user interaction.

   In the process of developing a mobile app developers should always take into account how much attention users are limited by the size of the screen, how to reduce the number of keystrokes, and how to fit the required set of functions into the app in the most compact way. Therefore, for mobile developers the process of mobile app development is often not limited to just writing code according to the assigned task, mobile app development includes a wider and more creative range of activities.

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